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Providing Everything You Need

Event Planning

Don't have time to plan and run around looking for someone to provide you with everything you need for an occasion you are hosting? Hire me and I'll put your mind at ease. 

Events for 1-100 people only

Photography Services

Family portraits, engagement photos, birthday shoots, whatever photo you may need, let me take it. Capture as many memories as you can with my affordable photography services. 

Wedding Officiant 

Screenshot 2022-01-07 163909.png

I am someone who loves to love and loves to give. Performing a marriage, something so sacred, and beautiful, it's simply something I would love to be a part of for someone. Marriage is the closest way for someone to get closer to God. I am a true believer in God and all he does. Marriage is something so glorious, yet so hard. It is a feeling of burning joy, and strength, however, it is also blood, sweat, tears, humbling defeats, and exhausting victories. This is the closest relationship you can have with someone and allowing me, someone who is a true believer in true love, I would love to be the one who marries you, on your most special day.


Looking for a personal assistant? Whether it’s grocery shopping, running errands, scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements and more, Everything In One, is ready to assist you with your personal needs. Contact us today!

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