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Putting the pieces back together

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

The enemy, ourselves, is now broken into pieces. Just a whole bunch of pieces of ourselves, not knowing where we belong, feeling lost, confused, ashamed, and embarrassed. How do we feel whole again after we've destroyed ourselves and self-destructed? The honest answer I can give is to simply pray. Inviting God into your life is how we will become whole again. Some of us may have little to no relationship with the heavenly father, but think about it like this… Something all of us can relate to… Have you ever been so broke, wondering how you would pay a bill or eat dinner, and somehow, someway, money found you, just enough for that specific thing you needed? That's not luck, and that sure ain't the "universe" It was God who made way for you." Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

While everyone is judging you, while you're feeling ashamed of yourself, and feeling all alone, probably causing more destruction to yourself, pray. You've hurt yourself; you've hurt other people. You've pushed everyone away. And now you feel like it's just you against the world, and you're all alone.

How do we feel whole again and feel okay again?

I know I said to pray; however, the first thing I had to do, was start taking accountability. Something many of us do not like to do. However, we need to step back sometimes and realize the part we play in every situation, whether it's with ourselves or the people in our lives; we choose how we react to situations. We make our own choices and decisions, which is why we deal with the consequences because of our choices.

I had to take a break from everything, social media, relationships, going out, and focus on getting myself together again. I would constantly talk and find a way to connect with God for guidance, strength, and reassurance. When I started focusing on him, I realized my mistakes, where I went wrong and fell short. My choices didn't align with what the bible said and what God wants for me, which is why I'm reaping the consequences of my decisions.

I understand that feeling of not knowing if your life is meaningful or worthy. That feeling of wanting to be okay but feeling like giving up is more effortless, and sadly many people end up giving up. They allowed the enemy (themselves) to destroy them completely.

"Some people in Scripture felt deep despair in life. Solomon, in his pursuit of pleasure, reached the point where he "hated life" (Ecclesiastes 2:17). Elijah was fearful and depressed and yearned for death (1 Kings 19:4). Jonah was so angry at God that he wished to die (Jonah 4:8)." (However, none of these men committed suicide. )

Sometimes, you can't see a way out when you're so broken. The only person who can help you pick up the pieces is you but with the help of God.

Rely upon and look to God for guidance and reassurance. It won't happen overnight, it will take time but rely on the Lord, and he will provide you with strength. And most importantly, HAVE FAITH in God to help you feel whole again.

It's easier said than done; you won't always get it on the first try. I'd be lying if I said it happened to me overnight. I simply self-destructed so severely that I needed God's help to save me from continuing to be my own worse enemy. I would not be here today if God had not been more powerful than myself. It's okay if you fall over and over again. It's okay if you lose focus sometimes. God will always make sure he finds a way to reach us. He is good in all forms. Just do your best to focus on him and follow his lead, and when you feel alone and worthless, just remember God is always with you. Pray, or write him a letter.

May God grant His grace to each one who is facing trials today (Psalm 67:1). And may each of us take hope in the promise, "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved" (Romans 10:13).

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