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Citrus Fruits


Everything In One Solutions was created to provide multiple services all in one place. We value God, serving others, family, and learning. Getting to use your skills and what you're passionate about while servicing people and making an income. That is why we exist. We can find a solution to not just one of your needs but many of your needs.

Citrus Fruits

About Starnia

Starnia, our CEO, was born and raised in Connecticut. Her family is from Haiti, and she now resides in Florida. Starnia has a two-year-old son named Alijah. Starnia created Everything In One Solutions because she was passionate about many things. She didn’t want to be limited to just doing one thing and wanted to have a company where she could express herself, do what she loves, help people, and provide more than one service to generate more than one income. Starnia loves learning new skills and has many plans for Everything In One Solutions. 

Citrus Fruits


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